Men's jewellery is undergoing a style revolution and experiencing an all-time high, with an intense demand and supply compared to the last few decades, when women were the sole consumers of jewellery of all categories. The dull and dreary sector is getting a revamping and the fashion-conscious men are desiring more and their demands are being met!

The latest trends have successfully uprooted the rules of the past and established genderless aesthetic supremacy for Gen Z and millennials. From generalized, and rigid men’s fashion staples like watches, bracelets and rings, the current generation thirsts for a break from hyper-masculine designs in jewellery. Are you looking to upgrade your style and flow with the jewellery trends of the genderless era? Here's a collection of one of the most coveted men’s jewellery trends. Likes of which have been spotted on runways, among celebrities and the torchbearers of the jewellery industry.

1. Long Necklaces

The runways of Spring Summer 22 were abundant with long necklaces, in different styles. From pendants to gold chains to miniature tools as statements adorning the chains. Trend makers like Rick Owens and Tom Ford were heavy with necklaces for men, in their respective shows.

A bold addition to your accessory collection. A statement neckpiece that can be styled in several ways and not just as a long necklace!

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2. Brooches

To ease into the trend of wearing jewellery, start here. The ideal men’s jewellery to have in your collection as a beginner in the invigorating world of jewellery that is minimalist and androgynous! Step in, while still in your comfort zone!

The perfect accents are minimally designed, resulting in a nuanced final look. Delicate yet solid brooches, plated with 24K gold. If this is your first time experimenting with jewellery, this is a safe bet and yet you are guaranteed loads of admiring looks!

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3. Earrings

Burberry and Saint Laurent featured many statement earrings for men, akin to many other big names in the fashion industry.

Life imitates art! A statement ear cuff that is sure to get you compliments and looks of awe and admiration. This artfully designed ear cuff takes aesthetic cues from minimalistic line drawings and is a graceful rendition of the human ear. Also, this one is absolutely perfect for you if you love ear accessories but don't have your ears pierced yet.

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4. Body Jewellery

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