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An award-winning brand (winner of India's best project (IBDA) 2020, India's best project (IBDA) 2021), & winner of Lexus Design Award, Lifestyle Accessory Category 2022) ‘NO.NA.MÉ’ creates bold statement jewellery, inspired by geometry and gender-neutral design. Importantly, the core of the brand is not to be a label for objects of material possession but rather an opportunity for the expression of individuality. ‘NO.NA.MÉ’ pursues originality, explores freedom of choice and breaks away from limiting stereotypes. A design label that can inspire a lifestyle, and whose expression and evolution can command a unique identity.


Founder & Principal Designer

Smruti Mathisekaran is an Interior Designer with a multi-faceted experience in designing Jewellery, furniture, products and graphics.

Her first entrepreneurial journey –

‘NO.NA.MÉ’ is an extension of her tenacious belief in freedom of self-expression and individuality.

Connect with her at


Designer & Partner

Gehana R. Doshi is a designer with an ambivalent personality, a paradox proper chasing the ubiquitous as much as the uncommon.

An alumni of the NIFT, a major of Lifestyle and Accessory Design, Gehana is a dreamer perched smack in between the scientific and the sceptic. She hopes her design can strike a balance between the bizarre and the beautiful just like her life.


Connect with her at

NO.NA.MÉ Makings


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