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The Resolution Revolution - An Era of Anti-Resolutions

The perfectionist lifestyle is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. We, as a society are moving towards a sustainable life, sustainability that reflects a slow and mindful lifestyle.

Moving into the New Year 2023, the 'Boss Person’ attitude has taken a back seat and embracing the flow of life has taken the stage and it is for the best! The New Year brings with itself a chance to begin a new chapter in life through following a constricting set of resolutions, fuelled by short lived enthusiasm. Not checking off all the resolutions in your daily schedule can be a real Dopamine Downer, all goes downhill from there! A vicious cycle of procrastination that is almost impossible to come out of.

Usher in this year with creating a set of anti-resolutions for yourself. What is an Anti-Resolution? Simply put, things to not do this year. Like here, at NO.NA.MÉ we refrain from designs and ideas that promote consumerism, so the pleasures of life come from life itself. The key is to focus on creating a set of commandments for yourself to live by, of things not to do, takes away all that psychological burden of having to do a bunch of extra tasks to turn over a new leaf in life. Design your life a little better with your Anti- Resolution commandments and live in a beautiful state of flow. Here are some ideas.

1. Don’t hit the snooze button.

Start the year by getting a head start in the morning. Avoid hitting snooze, instead start your daily early! You just might end up ticking off a couple of tasks from the typical New Year resolutions list. Yoga? Check! Journaling? Check! Cooking at home, instead of ordering in? Check Check Check!

2. Don’t say Yes when you want to say No. Don't say No when you want to say Yes!

Leave it in the past to not speak your mind, fearlessly! This year, put yourself first. Your mental and physical health over everything else because you are the main character in your story! Do what aligns with your life trajectory, every single day.

3. Don’t make excuses for yourself.

The line between self-care and laziness starts to blur, especially when we are in a rut. Pointing fingers will only stunt your growth. Stop making excuses for yourself, take ownership of your actions, emotions and how it is affecting your life. Recognise the follies that are leading to certain repetitive results in your life.

4. Don’t waste your energy on things, people & situations that don’t deserve it.

It is very human to over-give and overextend yourself. Boundaries created are never meant to be broken. Refrain from entertaining energy vampires and always protect your peace. Say no to gossiping, instead utilise all your abundant energy to create a better lifestyle for yourself and give back to those you can! Practice compassion, kindness and empathy because what goes around comes around!

5. Don’t be TOO hard on yourself.

Revisiting the second commandment, the idea here is to realise what self-care is and what is laziness. Hitting the snooze button when you feel under the weather is OKAY, so don't go on punishing yourself throughout the day for resting your body when it demands. Taking a break once in a while is essential for the maintenance of a healthy mind-body equilibrium.

The world of resolutions needed a revolution, a touch of personalisation and manual curation. At NO.NA.MÉ we aim to do the same. Our designs reflect our sustainable living design sensibilities, with inspiration from personalisation from the wearers, the NO.NA.MÉ fam. Our new collection ‘Metamorph’ is the celebration of the same, a range of jewellery that can be multi-configured into statement bags. The human touch and intentional interaction of the product imbues it with emotions and becomes a part of the greatest treasures of a human life, memories!

The whole inspiration behind anti-resolutions is to get back in-tune with your body, mind and spirit. Oftentimes what stunts personal growth is an overburdening schedule with a set of stifling resolutions. Replace them with simple, definitive statements of things to avoid or not do and Voila! You just created your very own Anti- resolution! Start with something as easy as ‘No artificial sugars for a month’ or ‘don’t skip your daily 10 minutes of mindfulness’.

Small and easy to do. Good Luck!

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