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A Beginners understanding of Gender & Sex - A stroll beyond societal norms.

The world as we have known and understood as stark colours on either end of a spectrum, say, black and white, is rapidly transforming. Emerging from it, in its truest form are many shades of grey. The societal walls created to mark a distinction between races, castes, and genders, are crumbling. The dawn of a new age is at the precipice and it's dressed up in the most authentic garb, seemingly odd to those who still choose to stay behind those walls.

Our humble planet has a history of confusing the theories of science and creating a rigid divide based on them. The concept of Gender Fluidity is hence an absurdity to many who either don't understand it or some, who choose not to. For those like me, who are new to the concept and still learning every day, here is a basic understanding.

The biological term 'Sex' is used to determine the biology of a child at the time of birth. The sex of a person is just limited to that, their anatomy, and their physical features. The term 'Gender' however, is how one feels on the inside. Feeling feminine or feeling masculine or sometimes both and other times like neither. For some of us, that switches from one end of the spectrum to the other, like a breeze with a beautiful mind of its own. And wanting to control a natural phenomenon like the wind is irrational. Gender Fluidity in all its glory is the acceptance of the feeling that a person glides through the spectrum and is not limited to either end or even the middle.

We have all grown up hearing the same thing, there are only two Genders, with designated Gender roles. A heavy tradition that has long suppressed countless souls. The rumbles are too loud this time to silence. People from all walks of life are opening up to their most authentic selves, taking off their straight-jackets of genders and sexuality forced upon them based on their sex.

Gender Fluidity is liberation from having to conform to an identity, put into a box with a lid. To exist outside of a preconceived notion of gender being limited to biology and understanding that a person's gender is all but biology. It's a state of being, a flow state of ease that feels real to the person whom it is associated with. Gender Expression is how a person chooses to express themselves and present themselves to the world.

Coming out to society as a Gender Fluid person is a feat in itself that demands courage. As fellow beings, all we need to do is keep our minds and hearts open, after all; how difficult must it be to accept the truest self of another?  Let’s appreciate the duality of vulnerability and strength that comes with the acceptance of one's Gender Fluidity and expression. In the end, aren't we all the same? All beautifully flawed humans, on a journey here, that is life.

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing And right doing there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass

The world is too full to talk about."


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