Top 6 new age minimalistic brands from India 2022

Updated: Jun 9

A minimalist lifestyle is one that uses ‘less’ to achieve ‘more’- more clarity, more functionality, more modesty and more simplicity. Minimalism is not just consuming fewer products but investing in quality products that last. It is stripping away the non-essentials to highlight the essentials. A minimal aesthetic is clean and honest with the capacity to evoke awe without appearing to do so. And listed below are, in our opinion, the top 6 Indian brands that celebrate minimalism in their own interesting way. Our vanity forces us to include ourselves in this list that we, with very much intended pun, call the Minima’list’. Here you go:

1. Material Immaterial:

A careful use of white space and a predominant use of a singular material such as concrete in their designs make Material Immaterial a studio that dabbles in minimalist aesthetic. Their pieces include jewellery, home decor and collectibles presented in a way that is not just elegant but layered with concepts that reveal themselves only to the keenest of eyes.

Photo credit - Material Immaterial Website

2. Sar-studio:

Sar-studio is a furniture design brand that brings to the table a collection of precise, timeless & functional designs underlined by cultural references along with a creative effort in making the designs relevant in today’s world. Their creations, thanks to the quality craftsmanship are meant to last, thereby breaking the obsession to indulge in changing trends. Their products encourage us to slow down, consume less but enjoy more.