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Top 6 new age minimalistic brands from India 2022

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

A minimalist lifestyle is one that uses ‘less’ to achieve ‘more’- more clarity, more functionality, more modesty and more simplicity. Minimalism is not just consuming fewer products but investing in quality products that last. It is stripping away the non-essentials to highlight the essentials. A minimal aesthetic is clean and honest with the capacity to evoke awe without appearing to do so. And listed below are, in our opinion, the top 6 Indian brands that celebrate minimalism in their own interesting way. Our vanity forces us to include ourselves in this list that we, with very much intended pun, call the Minima’list’. Here you go:

A careful use of white space and a predominant use of a singular material such as concrete in their designs make Material Immaterial a studio that dabbles in minimalist aesthetic. Their pieces include jewellery, home decor and collectibles presented in a way that is not just elegant but layered with concepts that reveal themselves only to the keenest of eyes.

Sar-studio is a furniture design brand that brings to the table a collection of precise, timeless & functional designs underlined by cultural references along with a creative effort in making the designs relevant in today’s world. Their creations, thanks to the quality craftsmanship are meant to last, thereby breaking the obsession to indulge in changing trends. Their products encourage us to slow down, consume less but enjoy more.

Photo Credit - SAR Studio

3. Mapcha:

Mapcha is a New Delhi based brand that works closely with traditional craftsmen and artisans in bringing alive the creative essence of Tibetan and Himalayan mountain communities into designs suited for the modern man.

Going with a singular base color, their clothing looks effortless while being devoid of unnecessary embellishments by focusing entirely on tailoring, purpose and comfort.

Photo Credit- Mapcha

Minimalist fashion is anything but subdued or uninteresting - best embodied by Mati with their use of primary colors, sustainable handwoven fabrics and loose, flattering cuts that fit all body types, shapes and sizes. .

There is an air of cool cohesion with the brand’s oversized silhouettes made with singular use of bold solid colors giving the illusion of wearing more, when in reality one is wearing less.

Photo Credit - Mati

Based out of Mumbai, Studio Indigene makes objects of décor and daily use that vary in scale and functionality.

Even though their designs are minimalistic, they achieve a sense of play with simple handmade contraptions and common sense than employing complicated mechanisms to achieve the desired effect.

Take this example of their lamp shade that waxes and wanes with the help of a simple moving brass plate.

Photo credit - Studio Indigene

Last but not the least, the minima’list’ is incomplete without our own brand NO.NA.MÉ. Creating more with less is personified by our take on modular, multi-wear jewelry which is also designed for all genders. Every jewelry is a do-it-yourself project consisting of detachable elements made of leather, recycled leather, brass or stainless steel. These elements can be combined interchangeably to create multiple wearable creations.

The fact that our components are all “mono-material” (and thereby 100% recyclable) is a tribute to the minimalism philosophy that strives to use less and use again but without losing the joy of the product. Our vision is to create a world of products that are sustainable yet stylish, responsible yet refreshing and of course, minimal in design yet maximal in meaning.

Photo Credit - NO.NA.MÉ

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