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The collection is a celebration of precise silhouettes, geometrical synthesis, and pure visual response. It is a detour from the conventional boundaries and with it traces back a journey that favours ‘the bold’ over 'the cautious', ‘the cool’ over ‘the dramatic’, ‘the minimal ’over ‘the excess’.


Style Tip:  Minimal brooches - Wear them as minimal accents or use to pin NO.NA.MÉ ear extensions/ The last quarter or the Better half necklaces and see your jewellery transform into statement brooches.

Two Brooch Pins

  • Dainty, minimally designed brooches that can be paired with any clothing.


    • Two 8 mm dia lathe turned brass brooches
    • 24 karat gold plated
    • Machined

    All metal pieces are finished with a 24 Karat Gold flash plating and finished with a tarnish resistance coat. Still, plating is sensitive to moisture and humidity. Avoid contact with liquids and leaving them open to air when not in use. For best care store jewellery in air tight packaging.


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