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A simple fold makes for a strong silhouette in this statement piece of a ring. Wear it with style.

Two Fold

  • Strap – The piece is made in recycled leather which is a special recycled material produced using compressed leather dust got from leather manufacturing houses to create a sustainable material that delivers a unique look and feel. Recycled leather is prone to easy wear and tear. Store responsibly for longer shelf life. Avoid contact with liquids.

    Fastening holes – Two fastening holes provide for flexibility in size. When made, fastening holes are made slightly smaller for a snug tight fit, so it may be difficult to insert buttons into the holes for the first time. We recommend to use the sharpened conical tip such as that of a pencil to widen the hole and then screw the button for easy fitting. Leave the button screwed on the ring for subsequent uses to avoid frequent screwing/unscrewing.

    Metal Button fasteners – The nut-bolt system is lathe turned 304 grade SS, plated in 24 karat gold and given a tarnish resistant top coat for longer lasting finish