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Minimal, chic and statement, this geomtetry inspired necklace can be styled with a range of outfits, be it traditional or modern. Turn the detachable strap into a choker for a fun look.

The Better Half

  • Metal plate and Finish – The metal components are 100 % recyclable 304 Grade SS which has high corrosion resistance. They are machine cut to accuracy, hand brushed for texture, plated in 24 karat gold and given a tarnish resistant top coat for longer lasting finish. To avoid scratches on the pieces, always place them on a smooth surface & keep them adequately protected, preferably in their original packaging.

    Metal Button fasteners – The nut and bolt system is lathe turned 304 grade SS, plated in 24 karat gold and given a tarnish resistant top coat for longer lasting finish.

    Chain – Brass, plated in 24 karat gold. Chain does not have a tarnish resistant top coat hence store in airtight ziplock.

    Strap – Straps are made in recycled leather which is a special recycled material produced using compressed leather dust got from leather manufacturing houses to create a sustainable material that delivers a unique look and feel. Recycled leather is prone to easy wear and tear. Store responsibly for longer shelf life. Avoid contact with liquids. Do not keep leather strap folded to avoid irreversible creasing.

    Fastening holes – When made, fastening holes are made slightly smaller for a snug tight fit, so it may be difficult to insert buttons into the holes for the first time. We recommend to use the sharpened conical tip such as that of a pencil to widen the hole and then screw the button for easy fittng. Leave the button screwed in the hole for next use to avoid frequent screwing/unscrewing.

  • Shipping:

    All orders within India are packed with the utmost of care! We usually ship everything out on Mondays and Fridays (usually within 3 to 4 business days after an order is placed).

    The delivery partners will attempt to deliver the package twice before they return it back to us.

    We will subsequently mail you the delivery and tracking details of the logistic agent once the transfer is made to them after your purchase.

    We don’t yet do International shipping. However, please feel free to write to us on smruti@nonamemakings to enquire on any new updates on this or for any other queries.

    Return policy:

    We don’t yet accept returns. However please feel free to write to us on if your purchase has been dissatisfactory. We will try to resolve the issue as best as we can on a case to case basis.

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