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The collection is a celebration of precise silhouettes, geometrical synthesis, and pure visual response. It is a detour from the conventional boundaries and with it traces back a journey that favours ‘the bold’ over 'the cautious', ‘the cool’ over ‘the dramatic’, ‘the minimal ’over ‘the excess’.

Each piece being a DIY project adds to a simple act of meaning, indulging in pleasures of that of beauty and the possibilities of multiple creations.


Style Tip:  This minimalistic hair embellishment adds a dash of sleek sophistication to both traditional and modern wear.


  • The kit is an easy ‘Do it yourself’ project and lets you build 1 hair accessory.


    • 1 I shaped cowhide leather strap
    • Double side coloured
    • Hand cut
    • Hand painted edges


    • 1 Brass circular bar
    • 2 Medium sized brass buttons
    • 24 karat gold plated
    • Machined
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